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At some insane hour of the morning, when most folks are still asleep, is when I like to work and when I work best. Iím usually in my pajamas or sweats and thatís when I can really dig into my projects. I find that Iím drawn to found and recycled fibers whether old jeans, curtains or an old quilt that never worked quite right. I take these items and over dye or paint them, scrunch them, cut them up, couch them with raveled yarn from a sweater or simply add a few beads or buttons. From all this experimentation, I create wall hangings and garments that feel comfortable and have an ďIíve been here beforeĒ feeling.

 For years I wavered between whether I wanted to be solely a quilt artist or a garment maker. When I was creating a wall hanging, a bit of the fabric would always find its way into a garment. If I was focused on a garment, some little scrap would become part of a block. Back and forth and back and forth until one day it hit me that I could do both if I simply got organized. (Ha!)

 For the garments, I start with the old to make the new.  Iíve simplified this group to include funky jackets, pants and vests. For the wall hangings, they range between scrappy, little things to big old, out-of-control monsters. In each thereís always a surprise like a photo transfer in the lining or a sprocket used like a bead. And, letís not forget dyeing and painting fabric. They find their way into everything.

 The idea is to freely create and use whatís around me, whatís been donated or saved from the junk pile. Iím constantly amazed at the calls that I get from friends who say, ďI found this old coat that I was going to throw away and then I thought of you.Ē I canít help but feel extremely blessed to be entrusted with Grandmaís old linen tablecloth.

 My work is a little like soup. It includes a little of this, some of that and a whole lot of whatever. After itís all stirred together and simmered a bit, it becomes something fun and a little offbeat.



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